Self-Editing – A Challenge That is Worth the Time and Work

This is the very first in a series of 3 articles about editing your personal writing. Also lots of written messages are sent out with no the writer even reading them very carefully, a great deal much less editing them. That is a massive error, due to the fact fantastic editing improves even the most effective writing.

Editing your personal writing can be a challenge, due to the fact you are so familiar with your personal style that you may perhaps not very easily see how it can be enhanced. Your favourite words and phrases come so naturally to you that you may perhaps not notice you overwork them, which reduces their effectiveness more than time.

The exact same challenges apply to the inappropriate use of jargon. These words, phrases and acronyms you and your colleagues use with no pondering can be baffling when study by somebody outdoors your organization or market. You want to appear for these through the editing course of action.

Also, due to the fact you know what you are writing about and can very easily stick to your personal logic, you assume it will be clear to the reader also, but that is not normally the case! So exactly where need to you commence editing your message? Study on.

Verify Your Message Structure

Get started with the massive image by searching at the all round structure of your message. If it is lengthy, did you break up the text with sub-headings? Sub-headings aid your reader stick to the story logically, so even somewhat quick messages can advantage from them.

Headings Really should Match Content material

Now appear at these headings. Very first, do they accurately represent the topic you are writing about in their sections? Make them clear and apparent — your reader should not have to guess!

Is the Content material In the Proper Order?

Subsequent, does 1 concept flow naturally and logically into the subsequent? Would the message advantage from reordering the subjects? Here’s an instance to illustrate what I imply.

Say you have written a report to management recommending obtain of a new computer software package for your accounting program. Certainly, there is a expense to this, and you will have performed a expense/advantage study to back up your recommendation.

If your added benefits tremendously outweigh the expense, place the expense/advantage study appropriate up close to the starting. On the other hand, if the expense is larger than you would like, move the expense/advantage study down so that you can expand on all the added benefits prior to you mention the expense.

That is a precious tip from the planet of marketing and advertising, and all it requires is some judicious editing at the “massive image” level.